Friday, June 02, 2006

I had been off the blogging for a long time, and i need to give explanation to my blog friends. Hectic work is definitely a BIG reason. Sometimes i even forget that i need to check my mails.
There is one more reason, perhaps a happy reason, which prevents me from blogging to a greater extent. Yes, me getting married this month, and my fiancee always wants me to spend time with her[in phone] and hates me if i spend time doing unwanted things[Thank god... her unwanted list doesnt include my 'work']. For the first time in my life i feel the need of work-life balance. :)
Anyway, i'll keep you posted about my marraige. I might be off for a month or so, but once i'm back i'll be regular in blogging. Atleast i hope so.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

NDTV news sucks
Most of u would agree to me if u had followed the news coverage of SuryaNarayana's death. NDTV relayed the live coverage from his home in Hyderabad, when the his death news was annouced. His wife/mother's cries were captured live and relayed. WTF do NDTV think? They can relay anything as far as they get money? Common man, its not a film where someone cries. Its real emotion. How the NDTV cameraman covers it? Are they stone hearted.
F*** is what i said when i saw that.
Similar thing happened months back during Delhi blast, when they followed a mother who found her daughter's dead body, and he covers her from all angle as if he's filming a movie

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Do u think that the prices of these Villas are high?
If u think so then u havent bought flats in India in recent times.

4 Bedroom cost 74L - Builder-CEEBROS

Mumbai-Donno the exact location, but saw it in some news
4 Bedroom cost 5-9Crores.

Only guys who come close to these Real estate guys in demanding atrocious rates: Chennai autowalas

Monday, April 03, 2006

I went to fish market here in Perambur on Sunday, to get some fish.
I was attracted by a guy selling fish with his catchy 'fish names'?
He named fishes like'Superstar' sheela(meen)
'Vetayadu velayadu' Vav-vaal
'Swadesi' Sora[shark]
'Arya' Yerra[prawn]
A guy asked..yennapa athu 'Superstar' Sheela...and he prompted imm,
"Pazhasa aanalum romba fresh'a irukum sir"

Friday, March 24, 2006

I was tagged by Nithya and here it goes....
Ten Years Ago
It was my +2 time, i need to get into a good college
Want to stay out of home, since i was restrained during school days
Want to have atleast 1 girl friend
Own a car b4 the age of 40
Get a job which could get me 2-3K per month

Five Years Ago
Visit US atleast once in lifetime
Want to have atleast 1 girl friend
Own a car b4 the age of 30
GRE was the only option to reach US

Last One Year
Fighting with my mom to stop searching for girls
Want to have atleast 1 girl friend
Bachelor life is the best
Travel back to India
Take my car to India[i know it was silly]

Woke up by a call
Onsite call turned sour
Call and sms in night

Five Yummy Things
Yummy thing are girl's stuff

Five Songs I Know by Heart
Minnalai pidithu - ShahJahan
Manram vantha thenral - All tamilian will know it
Minnale nee vanthanthu yen - May Madam
Vellai mazhai - Roja
Veesum kaatru - Ullasam

Five Places I would like to escape to
My Bed
My Bed [It occupies first 2 spots]
Any friend's home
My apt in Dallas
My car

Five Things i'd do if i have money
Buy a bigger car
Buy a house
Europe tour
Spend it
Spend it

Five TV Shows/ Serials (Was not interested in shows after i came to chennai)
Everybody Loves Raymond
Car/Bike show
Sun music

Five things I can't live without
My Love
My friends[This topped the list until few months back]
My Family

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

She was one of first person whom i blogrolled outside my close circle. She got married to a person whom she loved for 5 year, last year end. From her blogs i can say that she's a happy go lucky person. But she's no more. My deep condolences to Sowmya. Let her parents/husband have the strength to get along with her absense.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Joke of the day
Stalin* rejects criticism thats his is a case of dynastic succession

The cool thing about being famous is travelling. I always like travelling across seas, like to Canada and stuff - Britney Spears

* - M.K.Stalin